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South Jersey Ghost Investigators

Central Jersey Ghost Investigators

North Jersey Ghost Investigators

New Jersey Ghost Hunters

New Jersey Ghost Investigators

South Jersey Ghost Hunters

Central Jersey Ghost Hunters

North Jersey Ghost Hunters

South Jersey Ghost Investigators

Central Jersey Ghost Investigators

North Jersey Ghost Investigators

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Best Paranormal Investigation Team in New Jersey!


PCINJ has helped over 150 clients with investigations, consultations, cleansings and mitigations since we formed in 2011.


Sometimes people just need someone in the paranormal field they can talk to about what’s happening in their home or business. Other times they’ve realized something unexplainable is happening and they want a full investigation. Whatever situation you may find yourself in - needing a consultation or an investigation - PCINJ can help.


In our investigations we use the latest equipment and techniques to document evidence of any potentially paranormal occurrences.   Learn more about our investigation process >>


At the end clients are provided with a full written report as well as a CD of any potential evidence, which we review in person. We also discuss methods that may be helpful in getting the activity under control.


Our services are 100% free and confidential. We will never ask for any type of payment or donation.


PCINJ has members across the state of New Jersey and we investigate throughout the state, as well as in eastern Pennsylvania.  We take Consult requests from anywhere, and have been called on from as far as Egypt.

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Paranormal Consulting & Investigations of New Jersey is a team of experienced paranormal researchers and investigators dedicated to helping our clients understand and deal with ghosts, hauntings, or other potentially paranormal issues.  We are a self-funded volunteer organization and do not charge our clients or ask for donations of any kind.

Paranormal Help is Here - and Free!

Recent Cases

September, 2018

As we head into fall the paranormal activity in NJ has taken a stir!  We have over a dozen open cases at the moment, with no two alike!  Gotta love this state!

Ghost Hunters

Mt Laurel, NJ


I just want to thank you for all of the help your team has given us the two times you came to my house. Kristi has been very good at determining what we have had going on and taking care of it. I am taking her advice and will cleanse the house on a regular basis as well as doing protection for the property.


She recommended we go to Cheerful Dreams and pick up some crystals and other items. I found out they will be holding a class for people who attract spirits and how to deal with that. I am going to sign up for it. I think it might help me- maybe I'll get some sleep at night!




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Recent Client Comments

Don’t hesitate to ask!  Send us a request and we’ll be in touch ASAP to set up a time to chat.  If you’re comfortable, we’ll move forward from there. This will also let us help you assess your situation.  Many of our clients let things go on for quite a while before they call... It’s often best not to.

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PCINJ is proud to introduce REQUIEM, our new Crossings and Cleansings sub-team!


Our REQUIEM Team members are experienced investigators specially trained to help both our clients and the spirits who may haunt them.  More soon!


Need our REQUIEM Team?  Please fill out a Consult or Investigation request...

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COMING SOON!  A list of some of our favorite metaphysical shops around New! Jersey!

In October PCINJ has the honor of presenting at library and private functions throughout New Jersey.  We charge a small fee, which helps us serve clients free of charge throughout the year.  If you’re interested in booking a presentation, please send an email to


Interested in attending a presentation? Here’s the presentations that we currently have booked - check with the individual venues for more information