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Pat Paranormal Investigator

Sometimes people just need someone in the paranormal field they can talk to about what’s happening in their home or business. Other times they’ve become convinced something unexplainable is happening and they want a full investigation. Whatever situation you may find yourself in - needing a consultation or an investigation - PCINJ can help.


Our investigations are scientifically based. Whenever possible we uncover logical explanations for any experiences. We also use the latest equipment and techniques to document evidence of any potentially paranormal occurrences.

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At the end of an investigation clients are provided with a full written report as well as a CD of any potential evidence, all which we review in person. We can also discuss methods that may be helpful in getting the activity under control and follow-up with a cleansing if the clients desire.


Our services are 100% free and confidential. We will never ask for any type of payment or donation.


Presently we cover all of New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. Further distances may be requested of us as well.


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PCINJ is a team of experienced paranormal researchers and investigators, aka “ghost hunters”.  

We are dedicated to helping others understand and deal with ghosts, hauntings, or other potentially paranormal issues.

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Paranormal Help is Here - and Free!

We do our best to post paranormal investigation case results as quickly as possible, but helping our clients is always the first priority, so please excuse us if we get behind.

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PCINJ took a break from Investigations in December so we could spend time with our families, but we were still taking consults, which didn't stop coming! We’re now rested and ready and open for investigation requests!

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Ghost Hunters

Elmwood Park, NJ


I seriously couldn't be more thankful and happy for the hard work the team from PCINJ conducted. For longer than I can imagine, people have discussed paranormal activity on the land we live on, and so I decided to reach out for help. The work the team put in to discover any reasoning to all the questions we had surpassed my expectations.


They are very passionate in what they do, making the whole experience that much more enjoyable. They were fun to work with and very helpful along the whole process. I used to get nervous when experiencing anything paranormal on the property and now they helped me learn how to better approach any future situations I may encounter.


It's also comforting to know that they are always willing to help if I have any further questions or concerns in the future. I would highly recommend this group to anyone that is dealing with something paranormal, whether you have a quick question or a huge concern and need an investigation.

Thanks again for everything you have done!





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Don’t hesitate to ask!  Send us a request and we’ll be in touch ASAP to set up a time to chat.  If you’re comfortable, we’ll move forward from there. This will also let us help you assess your situation.  Many of our clients let things go on for quite a while before they call... It’s often best not to.

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