Paranormal Consulting & Investigations of New Jersey


Library and Private Presentations



PCINJ loves to talk ghosts!  


Each October PCINJ presents at multiple libraries and private events throughout the state. This funds us throughout the year, as we never charge clients for our help, and it’s also a ton of fun!


Read more about our 2019 Presentation below.  We have already started booking for October 2019 so don’t hesitate to reach out soon if you’re interested.


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Our 2019 presentation is called "Inside the real world of Ghost Hunting: Help for the Haunted".  


We have a wonderful PowerPoint presentation that we intermix with antidotes and stories from our personal experiences. Here’s a little of what we cover:


     - A little bit about our team (who does this?!)

     - What ghosts are, and our mission to help the haunted - and the spirits who haunt them!

     - Ghost hunting on TV versus real ghost hunting

     - The types of help requests we get (it’s not just ghosts!)

     - The “diagnosis” and “treatment” of a haunting:

              - Asking the right questions...

              - Investigations and EVPs (ghost voices caught on tape!)

              - Cleansings and Spirit Crossings

              - Mitigations (living with the dead)


Then we go inside an awesome investigation we did at the Gladstone Tavern (with their permission, of course!), including the ghost stories, the history of the location, and what we found during our investigation that backs up many of the claims!


We end by playing some amazing EVPs from other investigations we've done, and then do a Q&A - there are always lots of great questions!


The presentation lasts about an hour and 15 minutes, typically followed by 15 or 20 minutes of Q&A. All of this for only $250 for moderately sized private events (we tend to stay a little longer at these); public libraries get a discounted rate of $175.