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Although every investigation is different, the information on this page will provide a high-level understanding of the process.


When we receive an investigation request, someone will call you to conduct a brief phone interview. We will review your situation, answer any questions as honestly as we can and, if appropriate, set up a time for a preliminary meeting. During the "Prelim", someone will come to your location to get a tour, further discuss the activity, and speak with the family members. We will go through the details of what is involved in an investigation and decide if that is the appropriate course of action.


Our investigations are typically on Friday or Saturday nights from 7:30 p.m. until around midnight, although we are flexible depending on the needs of the client and the specifics of the situation. Many people assume that if they are only having activity at specific times, say 3 a.m., that we need to be there at that time. That is usually not the case. If there is a paranormal presence in the home, we usually get the evidence we need without an overnight stay, but each case is different so investigations are planned on a case-by-case basis.


On the date of your investigation the team will arrive in unmarked cars and with as little fanfare as possible. The size of the team is dictated by the size and layout of the location, but is typically two to six investigators. We will have you give the team a brief tour, then will set up our equipment and go lights out. We ask that you keep the number of people present for the investigation to a minimum as large numbers of people can contaminate our evidence. Once we have concluded for the evening, we will collect our equipment and leave your home exactly as we found it.


We will then review all of the evidence we gathered. Typically this takes about 3 to 4 weeks. After we have analyzed all of our evidence we will contact you to schedule a review of our findings, also known as the "Reveal". We will provide both a written report and a digital copy of all the evidence, as well as any other pertinent information we may have gathered. At that time we can talk about potential next steps, if desired.

Our Investigation Process