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Our Founders and History
Every Case is Unique

Paranormal Consulting & Investigations of New Jersey was founded in 2011 by experienced investigators with a common vision of helping clients who may be experiencing the paranormal. Joanne Emmons is the author of I Think My House is Haunted!, a guidebook for those living with the paranormal, and is experienced in both Investigations and Case Management. Pat Kibby is the New Jersey State Director of United Paranormal International, the host of “Famously Haunted” on Live Paranormal Radio, and a seasoned Lead Investigator.


As Ghost Hunting has become more popularized by the media, many paranormal investigative teams have sprung up simply for the thrill of the investigation itself and are lacking in what they provide in terms of information, evidence, and support. Still, there is a vast community of paranormal professionals, and the founders of PCINJ are active participants in that community as we learn more and more about this amazing field.

Our Investigation Services
Although there are often commonalities, each haunting is as different as the spirits and the people who live with them.

Paranormal Consulting & Investigations of NJ is dedicated to using scientific methods and equipment in our investigations. In evidence review we seek to find natural or plausible explanations, only labeling something as paranormal if we can find no other explanation.


Although we have a general procedural framework for our paranormal investigations, we are open to trying new equipment and techniques. We work in a field where so much is unknown that we need to remain open to possibilities outside of conventional thinking. We do not typically encourage or tolerate any type of provoking during an investigation as we do not want to stir things up and risk the possibility of the activity taking a negative turn.


PCINJ does not charge for our investigations. Our members are volunteers doing this on our own time and with our own funding. We do this to help clients better understand what they are dealing with and help them to resolve their situation, either with mitigations or by helping them find ways of living with any paranormal activity they may have. In doing this we contribute by raising public awareness and understanding about the paranormal. If we help a lost or confused spirit or two along the way that only makes the job that much more satisfying.

Not interested in an investigation, but have a question or concern about anything paranormal? Our experts are available to help, free of charge as always. We’ll do our best to address your issues or help you find someone who can.

Although our investigations are generally in New Jersey and the surrounding states for practical reasons, our consulting services extend to anyone who reaches out to us, including both individuals and other paranormal teams. We can help answer your questions with 100% confidentiality.


If you’re thinking about requesting an investigation but aren’t sure, consider just starting with a consult. We can talk through your situation, your questions and your goals and you can decide what is best from there.

For those undergoing an paranormal investigation through PCINJ, at the conclusion we are often in a position to recommend potential next steps. Sometimes this includes having the location “cleansed”. We usually recommend the clients have a blessing from a clergyman of their own faith, but we can also provide a sage smudging which often reduces unwanted activity.  


No one can make a spirit cross over if they are not ready, but some spirits are looking for help or simply need clarity to make the choice to leave. We can sometimes help them with that.

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Our Consulting Services
Our Cleansing Services