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Pat Paranormal Investigator

Pat Paranormal Investigator

Pat Paranormal Investigator

Pat Paranormal Investigator

NJ’s Best Paranormal Investigation Team!

Pat became interested in the paranormal after having a personal experience in a Phoenix hotel in February of 2008.  After investigating with some paranormal teams from a television series, she decided to begin her own individual journey to find the truth about various paranormal subjects.

Joanne Emmons

Title: President/

Case Manager

Occupation: Engineer



Joanne became interested in the paranormal after her family moved into a house that they shared with a poltergeist in New Hope, Pennsylvania when she was ten, and has been a student of the field

Paranormal research and investigation is a passion for the members of PCINJ. It takes a special person to volunteer so much of their time to this field. Our reward is not only to help others while advancing the field of paranormal research, but also to enjoy the company and exchange of ideas within our own team and across the paranormal community. Below you’ll be introduced to some of the currently active members of PCINJ.


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Pat Kibby

Title: CEO/

Lead Investigator

Occupation: Senior Demand Planner


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Kim has always been interested in the paranormal as far back as she can remember. She has always been fascinated with spirits, witches, vampires and unexplainable phenomenon. As a child she had experiences with spirits that no one else could see or hear. This continued throughout her adult life, and her multiple personal experiences have intrigued her to search further. She is extremely passionate about this field, loves to investigate in an attempt to communicate with the other side, and is constantly searching for new ways to “speak” with the dead. Kim has also always had a strong empathic ability, which enables her to connect intensely to the living and the dead. Her ultimate goal is to help and educate people.


Kim was formerly a teacher of preschool, kindergarten and special ed for many years. She also worked as a Senior Resolution Specialist for a healthcare company for 10 years. Currently, she has gone back into teaching and works with severely behaviorally disabled children, and is also a full time mom to her two young children. In her free time she likes to shop, travel when possible and spend time with her family.

Kim Collins

Public Relations Director & Investigator

Occupation: Teacher




Ron S.

Lead Investigator


Ron had a experience in his bedroom when he was very young that to this day he can not explain.  Since then he has been interested in anything paranormal or supernatural.  He spent a long time doing research on the paranormal, watching videos, and listing to EVPs on his own before joining PCINJ.


Ron loves helping people and making them feel comfortable with what they can not explain.  He works in the audio/video field and lives with is wife and puppy.

ever since. She believes that as much as we think we know, there is even more that we have not yet begun to comprehend.

Sara V.

Director of Investigations & Lead Investigator


Sara experienced her first encounter with the supernatural world at the age of seven when visiting her grandmother’s house.  She has always been fascinated with otherworldly occurrences, and holds a firm belief in the existence of the spirit realm…a belief that has shaped much of her life’s path, and has imparted a thirst for knowledge and a desire to know more.  As a curious and inquisitive person, she considers herself a spiritual “Nancy Drew”, who enjoys questioning things and exploring all of the possibilities when trying to solve the mystery before her.  She hopes that, through her quest for knowledge and new information, she can provide clients with a sense of calm and comfort, and give them the tools and understanding to move forward with their lives in a confident and positive manner.


Kim H., aka Kimmie

Title: Lead Investigator

When Kim was younger she lost her grandfather. During this time she had her first experience. Since then she has been on a quest for answers from beyond. Kim has had a few more experiences occur recently, reads as much as she can on the Paranormal, and tries to learn from all different people.


Kim loves to investigate and tries to connect to spirits that might need help. She enjoys the evidence review aspect of an investigation as well, whether paranormal or if it can be explained away.


Kim's compassion about helping others is what drives her. She feels that some people do not know where to turn and that is why joining a respected group like PCINJ enables her to help people.


Pat Paranormal Investigator

Jocie C.


Jocelynn has always had a fascination with the paranormal. She grew up with a mother who was open to the spirit world and fell in love with the experiences she had and continues to have. She works as a dental hygienist and lives in north Jersey with her husband and two kids. A couple of years ago she decided she was ready to pursue her passion of paranormal investigations. She has a love of history and the stories that come with it. She's a very compassionate person who has the ability to feel any strong emotions in a room. She loves helping the living people understand that they always hold the power of their own lives and emotions. We're all on a journey... the living and the dead.

Kathy B.

Investigative Support from the Other Side

When Kathy's Dad died in 1986 she had occurrences for years that sparked her interest and she has been searching for knowledge and answers since. She is trying to gain as much experience and understanding in the paranormal that she can in order to try and help others who don't know where to turn.


Kathy is extremely happy that she has joined Paranormal Consultants & Investigations of New Jersey.  They are the epitome of paranormal investigators and are becoming a leading authority in the field.  Each member brings something important to the table which not only helps Kathy in her quest but also for its many confidential clients to receive the help that is needed.

Kristi T.


Kristi is a self taught Psychic Medium and Empath who has always had a deep interest in the paranormal and Spirit. She began connecting with Spirit as a young child and has spent years researching and learning about the Paranormal.  


Kristi works full time in Government and lives in South Jersey with her husband and two kids. She spends her spare time growing her psychic abilities through research, connections, readings and investigations. She has a passion for helping people understand the paranormal and connect with Spirit. Kristi is an avid investigator and enjoys documenting paranormal activity that validates not only what people are experiencing but what she will pick up through psychic connections. Her main goals are to assist people in gaining control back over their lives and to assist Spirit that may be reaching out for help.


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Rick M.


Occupation:  Retired Law Enforcement

Rick has been interested in the paranormal ever since he was a little kid. He had an experience as a kid of hearing a voice from a place where nobody stood. This both scared and has intrigued him ever since. Rick joined PCINJ after PCINJ conducted an investigation of his current home where EVP picked up disturbing voices. His fascination of what was found brought out the retired law enforcement side of him by digging in and finding out what is really going on "out there."  Rick is also is a huge horror movie fan.



Michael P.


Michael is an investigator with many years of experience, from haunting to historic locations as well as negative and violent spirit activity. In addition to his investigative experience he is well versed in the equipment used in the paranormal as well as creating some of his own in the hopes of bettering his research. He is also a gifted psychic and medium, well versed in psychometry, oracle cards, ancient runes, mediumship, a ordained minister and most importantly to him, a student who is always hoping to learn as much as he can.

Brittany F.

Title: Investigator

Brittany has always been interested in the paranormal since a very young age after having some unexplained experiences as a child. Through the years she has researched, read up on, and watched many shows on the paranormal to get more educated. She also travels with her family to Cape May once a year to get closer to the history... & the dead. She hopes to one day retire there & own a Victorian B&B near the ocean (ghosts welcomed!)


Brittany's goal is to not only learn more about the "other side" but also help people deal with what may be going on around them. She hopes to become stronger spiritually & overall psychically. Brittany works for a mortgage company full time and is also a contemporary/modern dancer part time in New York City on the weekends. She enjoys hard rock concerts, horror films, & her favorite holiday is Halloween!



Greg B.

Title: Investigator in Training

Greg has always been interested in anything that isn't mundane, but ghosts didn't come on to his radar until he lived alone in his grandmother's house after both she and his mother passed. Open minded but still seeking out logical explanations, Greg ventures forth with PCINJ in search of the unknown.

Kelly C.

Case Manager/Investigator


Kelly has had an interest in the paranormal since childhood. She has a fascination with any and all things that many find unexplainable. Reading, exploring, and attempting to find explanations for the various problems people have with the spirit world is very satisfying for her. Her desire to understand the realm of the paranormal has led her to join the PCINJ team to learn more and be able to help people experiencing the unexplained.  

On June 1st, 2017, PCINJ sadly lost it’s mama bear.  Kathy will be in our hearts and in our family forever.  We were as proud to have her on our team as she was to be part of it, and that’s a lot of proud!  As Kathy always promised, we fully expect her occasional visits, as many of us have already received.  Miss you, Kathy!!!

PCINJ’s Spring/Summer of 2017 Class - Edna, Kyle, and Junior

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