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of  New Jersey





Can you  frequently be available for Friday night and/or Saturday night investigations (typically 7:00 p.m. until 1:00 a.m.)?

Because of the nature of this business and our changing needs not all applicants will qualify, but you will be contacted regardless.

Best Contact Phone #

Are you at least 18?





Are you able to provide your own Transportation?

Have Digital Voice Recorder

Willing to purchase Digital Voice Recorder before 1st investigation.

Digital Camera (or very good cell phone camera)

K-II Meter or other EMF Detector

Digital Thermometer

Additional Equipment:

Please describe why you are interested in joining our group:

Please summarize any

previous investigative experience, with teams or otherwise:

Please describe any special skills, abilities, or areas you think might be able to contribute to the team:

Video Camera (Night Vision or IR Preferred)

Many investigators have aquired various tools of the trade, but to start you will at least need a digital voice recorder and a digital camera (or cell phone with a good camera).  Please let us know what you already have:

Can we text you at this number?

Do you have a computer, laptop or full-sized iPad on which you can do evidence review, cutting, etc. and access our private board?

Paranormal Consulting & Investigations of New Jersey

Membership Application

PCINJ is not currently looking for members but we will gladly keep your application on file.  When we do take on new members we look for individuals with an eye for detail, an inquisitive mind, and the desire to help others understand and cope with what is happening around them.


To join our team you must be at least 18, mature, have your own transportation, and be willing to drive to locations up to an hour away (further at your discretion). Training will be provided but you will need to have your own equipment (minimally a laptop/computer or full-sized iPad on which you can review and clip evidence, a digital audio recorder, a digital camera or good cell phone camera, and a flashlight).


For those going on an investigation you can expect to spend several weeks afterward reviewing and sharing your own evidence as well as reviewing the evidence of your fellow investigators. For team members not on a particular investigation you'll be expected to comment on the potential evidence of others and potentially review evidence. We work via a private on-line forum which you'll be able to access as your schedule allows, although you'll need to do so several times a week. In return you’ll be part of an amazing team of people and have the opportunity for some incredible experiences.


Please note that our hiring is usually limited as we maintain a manageable team size. But if you have the desire, the time, and dedication, please take a moment to fill out and application below.