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Our Findings

This case was of great importance to us because of the child involved and the reported negative aspect of the claims. As with all our cases, investigations have multiple stages.  


Although our investigators did not experience anything during the initial interview, they did report a few personal experiences from the night of the investigation. Shadows were seen moving in the loft area while the investigators were up there, and seemed to be looking down on the investigators when they moved down below. Our team tried for a long while to recreate some of the shadows and light play they observed but were unable to repeat their observations.


Upon reviewing the evidence, a few interesting EVPs were captured which  leads our team to believe some sort of intelligence was interacting with them that evening. No visual evidence was captured even though the entire home was blanketed with Infra-Red and Full Spectrum video cameras.


Our team also believes they were able to resolve several of the claims through normal means. A fountain near the child's bed was generating high EMF, possibly contributing to the things he was seeing, the nightmares and the feeling of something evil being nearby. Or perhaps it was feeding whatever was already around. In any case, the client began unplugging it at night.


All in all, we would like to thank our client for inviting us into their home and hope that the information we have provided will ease the fears they have been experiencing.  

Client Experiences:

Our client believes she is a sensitive, having always felt other worldly presences both in her homes and business. In the past those impressions have always been positive and gave her the perception of good intentions. After recently moving into their new home, the feelings, visions and voices heard by our client were initially similar to those positive impressions she had experienced in the past. Recently though, those feelings have changed.


Our Client called PCINJ when her son started showing signs of sensitivity. Not only could he sense things but he was visibly seeing them as well and what he was seeing and sensing was frightening him greatly. Child-like spirits, dark forms, negative feelings, constant nightmares and fear of being alone all lead our client to call us in an attempt to discover if these feelings were being generated as a result of contact with a truly negative energy or just misinterpreted.  


This was recorded during our preliminary interview with the client. As she was giving us some background her son was spooked up in the loft. As he’s coming down the stairs to tell her what spooked him we hear a whispered “sorry”.  By the way, note the excellent tone of voice used by both the mother and the investigator when responding. Children will quickly pick up fear from adults so it’s important not to over react.

Audio File




As our investigators are coming up the stairs to investigate the reported shadow, you can hear what sounds like a child’s voice say “take a nap” just before the boy responds that he saw the shadow in his room. He was getting ready for bed when he saw the shadow, so no one was talking about taking a nap.


Audio File


8:34 PM

This clip we feel you can hear the word “help” at about 8 seconds. This was the only recorder with this particular evidence on it which is curious since we had 3 active digital recorders in the room. Similar EVPs were caught later on another audio recorder.

Audio File



8:45 PM

Joanne gets a possible soft but indiscernible response to her question at 9 seconds.

Audio File



9:17 PM

An odd voice or sound can be heard as Joanne is asking a question.

Audio File



9:43 PM

As we investigate upstairs the children are in a downstairs bedroom watching TV. Listen for the odd sounding “Help”. Immediately afterwards one of the children shrieks, so it’s possible it’s a child, but given the tone and the previously recorded “Help” we though this was interesting.

Audio File



10:33 PM

A soft voice can be heard in a silent room about 3 seconds into this clip. We believe it is saying “its my fault”.

Audio File






This photo was taken at the time of our preliminary interview. While touring the home it was discovered that the fountain right above the child’s bed (pictured) was generating a very high Electromagnetic Field. The child was experiencing nightmares which included a cloaked man coming in through the window. It’s possible the curtains could be mistaken for a cloaked entity in the dark of the night with backlighting from the parking lot below.


After the fountain was unplugged at night, the nightmares considerably reduced in both frequency and severity, although they did not completely cease.



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Our Evidence

AUDIO (best listened to with headphones):

Case Summary

County: Ocean County, NJ

Town: Jackson

Summary: PCINJ was called in by a mother who had recently moved into in a two-story condo with her two young children. She believed there was a negative energy there that was tormenting her son.


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