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PCINJ had a great time meeting old friends and new at the Paraunity Expo at the for the second year this spring!

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- Joanne Emmons, PCINJ Founder and author of I Think My House is Haunted!

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The PCINJ team had an amazing time at Phenomacon in Gettysburg last May, and can’t wait to go back in June! The lectures were great, as always, and we had the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and make new ones (love ya, Gettysburg Ghost Gals!)


We also had the chance to investigate at the General Lee’s headquarters property, and Joanne and Pat were honored to go on a private tour of the Farnsworth House Inn with Live Paranormal.


The Ghost Gals put together this awesome short video of the event >>> Phenomacon 2014


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                              PCINJ at Pehnomacon, 2014

PCINJ Founders Joanne Emmons and Pat  Kibby

Were pleased to do a presentation entitled “Inside the Real World of Paranormal Investigating” at the monthly meeting of the Institute for Supply Management last September!  It was the perfect forum for two professional women to share their passion for the paranormal!

Institute for Supply Management

Scarefest 7!

One of the top horror and paranormal conventions returnied to Lexington, KY, on September of 2014. PCINJ Founder Pat Kibby was there with Live Paranormal and a few of our team members!


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New Hope, PA, Library

as a child, and now gets to share her own stories, both from the actively haunted home she lived in right near there and from all her ghost hunting experiences  since then.  


Although this isn’t officially a PCINJ event, PCINJ is available to do presentations at other libraries as well. Just drop a note to!

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This awesome event on September 27th last year in Manassas, VA, showcased women in the paranormal field and everything "para" in the Nation's Capital area and mid-Atlantic region.


PCINJ Founders Pat and Joanne were both honored to be guests; Pat was on a panel of women in radio, and Joanne was a featured author.  

PCINJ Founder, Joanne, was ecstatic about returning the the library of her childhood in New Hope, PA, to do a ghost hunting presentation and book signing last October!  She was intrigued by the library’s own ghost story rumors

Pennhurst Asylum

In June PCINJ had a blast investigating Pennhurst Asylum with Ghost Hunters Joe Chin (pictured with us) and Dustin Parry (not pictured).  The event was sponsered by Glory Hound Haunts and was the last of their historical location public hunts.  We were honored to be part of it!

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PCINJ Founders Pat and Joanne are professional career women experienced in pubic speaking and presentations. Pat has had her own radio program, “Famously Haunted”, on Live Paranormal, and attends paranormal conferences throughout the eastern US. Joanne has a published book, I Think My House is Haunted, and has done presentations at libraries, events, and her local high school.


Together they run one of the best paranormal investigation teams in New Jersey, and they’d be happy to discuss a variety of topics about the paranormal. Contact them at


We had a great time doing presentations at the public libraries in New Brunswick, Dunellen, Rahway and Clinton in 2015!

Pat Paranormal Investigator

In the Media...

PCINJ was proud to be interviewed by NJ Venues Magazine for the article “The Sixth Sense” in their October 2014 issue.  

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