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Our Findings

Before PCINJ had even investigated the home, we began researching the rich history of Rahway and the surrounding area of our clients home. The home itself, built in the 1950’s, now rests upon what was once a vast farm covering much of the area. The possibility that a former landowner or child still visits the land seemed very possible to our researchers.


Upon arriving at the home,  we discovered that both the home and the road out front holds a very high Electro-Magnetic Field. This field registered not only on our equipment but also with our investigators who are sensitive to such fields.


During our investigation, our investigators reported personal experiences such as dark shadows moving near them. Footsteps could be heard walking on stairs when no one was moving. Camera batteries would drain for no apparent reason.  Even answers to direct questions using a flashlight seemed to indicate that there was more to this home that simple scientific explanations.


After reviewing the evidence collected that evening, low voices could be heard responding to and with our investigators. Many of our own personal experiences were documented.

Client Experiences:

For 18 years our client has enjoyed living in her home and like most homeowners, they have taken a great deal of pleasure and pride in repairing, remodeling and beautifying this very charming cape cod style home in Rahway, NJ.


While our client claims that there has always seemed to be some activity within the home, recently that activity has increased.  Sightings of a man in a dark coat and hat have been reported both across the street as well as walking up and down the driveway. A child like apparition has been seen in the backyard. Footfalls can be heard walking up the stairs. Objects will go missing and then are found in random sometimes illogical places, sometimes days or even weeks later. Other items are sometimes found that make little or no sense, such as rusty nails on the kitchen floor.


Our client while not afraid is curious as to the cause and meaning of their claims. Are they being visited by past loved ones? Perhaps a former owner is still looking out for their home. Has the activity been triggered by the homes inhabitants?   We at PCINJ may not have all the answers but will work with our clients to find out the answers they seek.  

9:47 PM

One of our investigators gets a relevant response out of the Ovilus. The word “light” is said when asked if they are trying to speak through the Ovilus since the flashlight stopped responding to questions. Although a single relevant word from an Ovilus is by no meant definitively paranormal, it did pique our interest.

Audio File



10:00 PM


A very unintelligible soft whisper can be heard responding to our investigators question. The other investigator heard it as well.

Audio File


10:44 PM

In this clip you can hear the word “sorry” in response to one of our investigators questioning why the batteries on one of our cameras drained suddenly (listen as it talks over the end of his question).

Audio File



11:39 PM

Wile investigating the basement we hear loud thumps that sounded quite near us. We later checked an audio recorder that had been left with the clients in the backyard to confirm that they weren't making any such sounds at the time.

Audio File



11:42 PM

A few minutes later a few more thumps, this time sounding like footsteps going up the stairs as the clients reported often hearing. Again a cross-reference with outside recorder confirmed the clients were not in the house and were not making any similar noises.

Audio File





9:58 PM

One of our investigators gets a response from the Ovilus when inquiring about the time.



10:02 PM

This flashlight turns on suddenly while one of our investigators is checking the equipment. When compared to a similar flashlight it feels colder to the touch as we sometimes find when this happens.



11:43 PM

One of our investigators is surprised when her request is granted and the flashlight turns on for her. Note that this is not necessarily paranormal. Flashlight sessions should have repeated indications of intelligent responses before being considered as potentially paranormal.





Not wanting to be left out, another investigator enters the room and requests that the flashlight be turned on for him. Thus confirming the act for everyone present.


20120707-947pm-Ovilus relevant response.mp3
20120707-1044pm-Sorry for draining your battery.mp3
07072012 1142 JE Personal - lots of thumps.wav
Our Evidence

AUDIO (best listened to with headphones):

Case Summary

County: Union County, NJ

Town: Rahway

Summary: A couple called us in to see if we could validate the recently escalating unusual experiences in their home.

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