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Our Findings

From our Preliminary Tour until the moment we collected our equipment after the investigation, we at PCINJ felt that this was a special place. As paranormal investigators, history has a very special meaning to us and this warehouse holds history in every corner, aisle and shelf.


The investigation itself was quite an experience. While many sounds were explainable, such as the knocks caused from the heating ducts, some were not. As can be expected in a warehouse, the wiring gave off an extremely high Electro-Magnetic Field when the lights were on but at night with the lights off, those readings dropped to zero in many areas. While this can explain some of the feelings that were reported, we have to wonder if this high EMF could have been fueling any spiritual activity as well.


Were the shadows seen moving in the distance a trick of the outside light through the windows or perhaps something else? Were those real footsteps we heard or an echo of our own movements? Was that a disembodied voice or did the sounds carry from one end of the warehouse to the other, even through walls?


No matter how we look at it, from our personal experiences to the evidence we captured we enjoyed this location. Empire Antiques is sure to be a treasure for everyone who visits here.


** Case Manager Note: During our preliminary tour, one of our investigators noticed and was intrigued by a framed memorial plaque, which turned out to have great significance to our investigation, not to our client but to family of the person in the photograph. Was it chance or were we guided by some unseen force investigate the origins of a picture.  Learn More... (coming soon!)

Client Claims

Our client, Empire Antiques, is as their name implies an family owned business that has been acquiring antiques from families and estates all over the United States for decades. Estates from as far as Europe, Italy and Egypt have all managed to find their way into their 75,000 square foot warehouse. Empire Antiques also repairs, restores and breathes new life into many of their treasures. From furniture to pictures to chandeliers to tapestries this place does it all. And if you are curious about a piece you may have, they will help you there too. From restoring your precious possession to just telling you the history, you just may be surprised at that dusty old treasure you have been neglecting. And if you wish to sell your valuables, well Empire Antiques holds regular auctions to help those who wish to get the best price for their items. Empire Antiques is one of those rare finds that truly is a hidden treasure.


Over the years, many of Empire Antiques visitors and employees have reported strange experiences and feelings while touring the warehouse. Reports of strange feelings or being watched while working are common. Shadows, glanced out of the corner of the eye, will duck down a distant aisle or seem to be watching from the rafters. For those who have remained in the building after business hours, many report that those feelings increase greatly after the lights start going out.


PCINJ was been called in to justify or dispel the claims and determine if perhaps some of the former owners of the items within this warehouse are still firmly attached to their possessions.

10:40 PM

In this clip, you can hear a woman laughing or perhaps singing. Listen very carefully at about 7 seconds to hear it. We have confirmed that this did not come from any of our team members present that night.

Audio File



10:51 PM

In this clip, we hear  a mans voice back in an aisle where people have been known to have experiences.  We believe it’s saying “come on”, although there is much room for interpretation.  The EVP is a few seconds into the clip, but if you listen to the end you’ll hear the investigator, just to put it in context.

Audio File


11:39 PM

In this clip, one of our teams is holding a Flashlight session in the hopes of establishing contact with any unseen visitors. While the evidence from the flashlight session itself seemed inconclusive, we may have captured an EVP in response to our investigators questions. Listen for the No about 5 seconds into this clip.

Audio File



11:44 PM

In this clip, we find our investigators speaking with the client about some pieces of furniture. Listen for the soft voice asking who at about 18 seconds.

Audio File





10:54 PM

In this clip, you can see an area illuminated by one of our flashlights as it responds to our questions. The flashlight session as a whole was inconclusive but any response is always exciting.


030212 1051 JE-Aisle 64 - mans voice.wav
Our Evidence

AUDIO (best listened to with headphones):

Case Summary

County: Mercer County, NJ

Town: Hightstown,

Summary: PCINJ was asked to investigate a huge antique warehouse and auction hall where multiple employees and customers had reported that they believed the place was haunted.

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